Onafhankelijke geur experts


Ode to our nose - the most direct and emotional human sense.

It is the only sense directly linked to our limbic system, the oldest section of our brain in which we feel, lust, remember and invent. Recent research even shows that the power of the human nose is almost limitless, at least one trillion scents can be detected.

The meaning of the word Annindriya

Tanja Deurloo founded in 2007 Annindriya.  She consciously and passionately choose the name Annindriya , because (despite its challenging spelling and pronunciation) the meaning in Sanskrit and Pali language was spot-on what the key drivers are for our work:

  • INDRIYA = the power of our senses
  • ANNINDRIYA = the highest insights

Let's jointly discover the value of scent for your organization, brand or products.