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Founded as first niche perfume house in Amsterdam, we collaborate with creative professionals, emerging and star perfumers worldwide. Together we develop fragrances that celebrate life with a sense of wonder. 


Located in a green oasis in Amsterdam, we turn our expertise into innovative ideas, starting with a concept and following it all the way through to production and bottling. 

Collaboration is at the heart of our process, and we find joy in working together. The “X” on our perfume labels represents the crossroads where people connect. It’s when deep expertise meets a sense of wonder that we create something truly special.


Our story began in 2007, when Dutch chemist Tanja Deurloo wondered why the Netherlands lacked the charming niche perfumeries like those found in the Parisian streets. Perfume, she understood, is one of the most personal accessories a person can wear.

Tanja took her idea and founded Annindriya, a company that designed custom fragrances for businesses. Annindriya took off quickly, but Tanja sensed there was more to explore: a dedicated space for perfume enthusiasts to discover exclusive fragrances. Thus, in 2009, Perfume Lounge opened its doors in Amsterdam, offering a curated selection of niche fragrances.

Since then, we’ve unlocked the power of scent. We designed bespoke fragrances for international companies and helped thousands of customers find perfumes that spoke to their unique personalities. Our expertise grew with each new blend, as we tracked industry trends and partnered with the most artistic perfume houses.

But we wanted to go further. We saw that emerging talent in the fragrance industry often goes unnoticed, and we felt it was time to change that.

This led us to today, with Annindriya as Amsterdam’s first refined perfume brand, working directly with both emerging and established perfumers.

Our collection is a tribute to creativity and the freedom to explore new olfactive designs. We offer perfumers a platform to bring their unique touch to life, creating fragrances that surprise and captivate. This is our commitment: to continue to inspire and delight through the power of scent.


The name Annindriya has its roots in one of the oldest languages, Sanskrit, meaning the power of the senses and the highest insights. This name encapsulates our philosophy from the moment we launched the company in 2007.
Fragrances are intricate and complex creations, yet the way they resonate with us is both immediate and intuitive. This harmonious blend of complexity and simplicity is what makes a scent unique and makes it a deeply personal experience.

We believe in celebrating life with a sense of wonder, cherishing the blissful moments, no matter how grand or small they may be. These moments often catch you by surprise, just like a fragrance that unexpectedly evokes a cherished memory or gives you a feeling of pure bliss.
To us, this is the true luxury of fragrance: the ability to surprise, delight, and linger in your thoughts, reminding you of life’s most beautiful moments.

  • Discovery set

  • Orris Soyeux

  • Seekwood

  • Tipsy Tuberose

  • Vetiver Rain

  • Walk with Me

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