Sensory workshops

Arouse the senses!

Annindriya provides interactive workshops and trainings in the field of scent perception, perfumes, ingredients, senses and sensory branding.

Customized workshops

We can customize our workshops or training, depending on the interests for you and your brand/ organization, e.g.:

  1. The value of scent and the impact of our sense of smell.
  2. How does our sense of smell work? And why can a smell bring up such strong emotional anchors and memories?
  3. Sensory branding: the use of all senses in building a brand. Do we optimally use all sensory opportunities that my brand offers?
  4. Enrich your project portfolio with innovative (product) ideas.
  5. How can we improve the smell of our products? Professionalization of inhouse sensory evaluation.
  6. Scent as a fourth dimension in a room. How does scent contribute to the overall perception of buildings its services within?
  7. How does a perfumer work, how does he/she create a new formula? Fragrance families perfume ingredients.
  8. Fragrance and personal identity.
  9. Taste smell: in combination with innovative cook.

Workshops of value

flesjes-workshopsThese workshops are of value, for example, for marketers, product developers, concept developers, retail specialists, designers, interior designers and architects.

Workshops and trainings can be given either at your location or at Annindriya in Amsterdam-Zuid. In this knowledge-center of scents there are numerous sensory-stimulating items at your disposal. There is a colorful and fragrant garden, a product laboratory and many products to try (and smell!).