Scent identity

Scents can greatly contribute to the total brand experience and leave a distinctive impression.

Annindriya advises, develops and implements 'identity scents’, a scent that will enrich your own specific brand, building or service. Brand or identity scents can also be described as 'signature scents', being part of your full branding.

The (quality) perception of products and services offered in an ambient area is determined by the total mix of architecture, interior design, the persons present, light, temperature, sounds, music and – often very unconsciously, but just as powerful - the smells.

Sensory perception

If the total sensory experience of your brand is coherent, the emotional memory will be anchored and the loyalty and remembrance will be strengthened. Depending on objectives and budget, we can help you with a wide range of existing quality fragrances or with a completely customized fragrance created by top-perfumers. Feel free to contact us in order to talk over the fascinating possibilities that signature scents can offer your brand or organisation.

Examples of our brand identity scent projects can be found under Portfolio, as for Hunkemoller and Ebbinge.