Malodour control

Malodour management is all about problemsolving and developing an approach to combat smells perceived as bad.

When a smell in a room or of a product generates negative associations (in other words: it simply stinks), it definitely influences the entire perception.  A negative smell is a very strong dissatisfyer for the user and consumer. There is nothing worse than leaving your potential client with a negative association directly connected to your brand/ product!

In order to counteract odours, there are different approaches possible. Firstly, it is important to understand the cause of the odour source, and then to find solutions to remove this cause. Here, we provide different solutions such as neutralization, masking and perfuming.

We know which raw materials are capable to mask unpleasant smells in products, sanitary rooms or buildings.

Annindriya has a solid expertise in malodor control, in especially in healthcare, product development (see segments Technology and FMCG) and in buildings.