Sensory branding

What's the analogy between Apple, Singapore Airlines and Disney?

These are leading sensory brands that have successfully maximized the potential of our 5 senses. Indeed, only a few brands and organizations fully capitalize on the complete sensory effect a brand or product can have!

The strategic use of scent as one of your communication tools could represent the cutting-edge for your business. In communications, scent can be highly effective as it immediately triggers personal memories and desires, whilst influencing purchase decisions and helping to feel better. Additionally, it allows distinguishing products, services or environments immediately by strengthening your own brand identity.

sensory branding infographicThe results of the extensive research of Martin Lindstrom and Millward Brown (Brandsense) show that there is (still) an enormous gap between what people find important versus the average A & P spending by companies listed in the Fortune 500. Clearly, there are still a lot of opportunities to grab in the field of smell, taste and touch!

A great example is SINGAPORE AIRLINES, where services are highly valued including the consistently implemented corporate smell in the aircraft, the cleaning wipes, but also the friendly service provided by the air-hostesses. Furthermore, the insights of sensory branding are optimally deployed in NIKE stores (USA), where studies underline that, with the implementation of scent, the quality perception of the same sport shoes and therefore the willingness to pay higher prices increases.

In other words, scent can add value in almost all industries and across a large number of market segments. How well do you use the sensorial potential of your brand? When do you want to explore the world of corporate scent? 

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