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The Scent of World Peace


That's quite an ambitious statement: could we develop a fragrance that would contribute to world peace?

Journalist Laura Stek made a beautiful report in a programme for the VPRO on the radio.

More and more companies are discovering the power of scent and treating their clients with it. How big is the influence of scent and how far can designers go with scent?
A story about the aroma of world peace.

Listen and marvel here (main part is in Dutch language).

Featuring scent expert Tanja Deurloo (Annindriya), psychologist Cretien van Campen and perfumer Christophe Laudamiel. The story teller is Laura Stek.

'Scent design' is the last episode of "Ongesigneerd", a six part series about avant-garde design. 'Ongesigneerd' is produced by Tjitske Mussche and Laura Stek and was inspired by the American radioshow '99% Invisible''.