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The scent of storm


Overwhelming reactions and a stormy atmosphere at a special evening at the Zuiderzeemuseum. A silver cloud by Ted Noten en stormy cloud-dressed girls had visitors smell STORM. This is how we went from an elusive concept such as storm to an intriguing  perfume…


The scent of memories

During the whole of this last season,the Zuiderzeemuseum, Enkhuizen, had as it’s central theme “The Scent of Times” . Visitors could enjoy various scents of the past. Together with Annindriya, Atelier Ted Noten  developed the “Scent Station”  in which visitors could enjoy a scent experience through time where memories and emotions could be explored through different scents.

Interaction with visitors

Interaction with visitors was an important part of this project for the Zuiderzeemuseum in order to achieve the scent of storm.  During the exhibition  “Scent of the Times”, a huge illuminated cloud was placed in the “Scent Station” and visitors were asked to share their thoughts as to what they thought ‘storm’ smelt like. Which associations they have when they think of a storm…..? The visitors’ input (gathered daily) was used by Annindriya scent experts to create the scent of storm. After analysing all the input (personal words and thoughts), we were able to identify 6 main themes:

Hoe ruikt STORM scent 

By  subtly combining the six accords, we were able to create a fragrance that is at once very familiar and suggestive.

The presentation of STORM

IMG 1537The official end-of-outdoor-season ceremony, also the end of the “Scent of the Times” exhibition on Saturday 25 October 2014, had as it’s main theme STORM. The old post office sent out emergency signals and visitors were invited to build a strong dyke. During this stormy evening, the end result, The fragrance STORM, was presented to the public.  Young ladies dressed in cloudy storm dresses made by the Maastricht Academy of Fashion and Design, welcomed all visitors with a whiff o the perfume STORM over the visitor.  Atelier Ted Noten ‘s silver cloud with balloon atomizer emitted the fragrance in the Scent Station.

Conceptual fragrance

We can look back on a very special and unique experience as well as an inspiring cooperation with Atelier Ted Noten, the Zuiderzeemuseum and the visitors. According to the visitors, we were successful in translating an elusive and conceptual idea into a stormy fragrance which was recognisable and highly appreciated!