Meet the team

Annindriya consists of a small team of independent scent experts. Depending on the project and client’s needs, we work with a valued network of other external professionals: such as perfumers (either independent or from the international fragrance houses), flavourists, packaging technologists, packaging designers, electrical engineers, marketers, visual merchandisers, graphical designers and artists.

Tanja Deurloo

Drs Tanja Deurloo (1966) has been nicknamed a scent nerd; this could actually be just as good as a descriptor as scent expert and perfume designer.

Tanja 247Early 1991 Tanja earned her cum laude doctoraal-degree at Utrecht University in Physical-Organical Chemistry. She combines her academic background in chemistry with almost 25 years of both technical and commercial experience within fragrances, personal care, food & beverages and chemicals.

Tanja founded in 2007 Annindriya. Before founding Annindriya, she was employed and interim manager within R&D, innovation and industrial sales & marketing for Henkel, Sara Lee, DE Masterblenders, Heinz en Omega Pharma.


Phine van Eijk

Phine van Eijk (1960) is scent expert and perfume professional.

Phine van EijkPhine manages all business concerned the Perfume Lounge and is the specialist when it comes to personal advice to consumers. She possesses an enormous knowledge on the olfactive character of many perfumes on the market.

Before joining the perfume industry, she worked in international banking, remedial teaching and sales. Passionate about sensory items, she founded and sold in 2008 a creative business in jewelry.

Fluent in English, French, German and Dutch, and highly empathic, Phine is the communicative strength in our team.

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